Why You Should Get Gum Laser Contouring?

Gum laser contouring is remodeling the gum line, which frames the smile. Since gum contouring needs minor oral surgery to cut the surplus gum tissues, you will benefit from general anesthesia before the surgery. 

It is a minimally invasive method that focuses on the primary regions of the tissue, which covers a vast amount of tooth structure. 

The primary advantage of gum contouring is the enhanced confidence you will have to know that the gum line matches the teeth’ attractive and healthy look. On the other hand, gingivitis develops when the gum tissues develop oral bacteria.

The gummy grin may offer different hiding spots. It implies that this contouring will reduce the chances of gum disease by limiting the hazardous oral bacteria that dwell beneath the gums.

Let us tell you all about gum contouring.

Who Should Get Gum Contouring And Reshaping?

Other than heredity, there are other reasons for dentists to suggest the gum laser process. For example, some medicines may have side effects where the gum grows and expand over the teeth. It hides them from view.

Even though gum recessions lead to the uneven gum line where the gumline pulls to the exposed roots, it makes your teeth longer than others. The dentist Navarro will help you to resolve the problems by lengthening the teeth’ appearance. 

Is Gum Contouring Necessary Medically?

If you have periodontal diseases, then you should get gum contouring. However, before continuing with the gum contouring, the dentist may treat your disease with nonsurgical processes.

The non-surgical process consists of antibiotics to kill the bacteria and the infection or dental cleanings to restore the health of the gum. Your dentist may suggest an alternate process, such as pocket reduction surgery if the nonsurgical process doesn’t work.

You will also need a regeneration process for regrowing the damaged gum tissues and bones. Gum contouring will be part of the process; dental insurance may cover the cost.

You must consult the dental insurance provider to know what treatments your policy covers and if other expenditures correlate.

Benefits Of Gum Contouring

  • Achieve An Attractive Smile

Too much gum tissue or a gummy smile will make your teeth look smaller, but it is not the only issue. The excess tissue may exacerbate infections and other dental health conditions.

The gum recontouring will eliminate the additional tissue from the gums and allow you to see more surface of your teeth.

You can use this type of treatment to correct the high gumline. Gum recession can make your teeth to roots and make them look longer. The gum re-sculpting through the laser contour will rearrange and remove the tissue, which results in a balanced smile to flaunt.

  • Improved Oral Health

Cavities are not only your health concern. Many people worldwide go through the connection between tooth loss and gum disease. With the soft tissue laser, you can do gum recalling to treat the infection.

Reducing the gum spaces will protect the teeth from decay, bone loss, and severe gum disease. Moreover, the laser will also sterilize the treatment location, remove the bacteria which cause the illness, and promotes better gum health.

  • Extremely Safe Process

Gum contouring is the process that is the safest type of surgery you can have. Of course, there are some risks in any surgery. However, this treatment has a low risk of infection or bleeding.

Patients should not have gum disease before the gum contouring surgery; however, if they have a good oral health condition and can follow the post-surgical instructions provided to them.

Does Gum Contouring Hurt?

Before starting the gum contouring process, the dentist will provide you with local anesthesia, which will numb the gums, and you will not feel any pain while your dentist is doing the process.

However, you can expect numbness and tenderness after the process. The pain depends on how much your gums require removal or reshaping. 

Once the process is complete, your dentist, Navarro, may prescribe the pain medication, or you can also take OTC medication like Ibuprofen and Tylenol. Aspirin may cause bleeding, which is why dentists do not recommend it.

If you want to, you can reduce the swelling and pain you may feel through the cold compress or apply the ice pack for about 25 minutes to your mouth for some days after the gum contouring process.


Gum contouring is the best option to eliminate the gummy smile. However, it is best to carefully follow your surgeon’s plan for better healing. You may have to make follow-up appointments a week after the procedure.

Contact a reliable clinic to acquire the ideal treatment, and get ready to impress everyone with your everlasting smile. Discuss your concerns with professional and expert care.