Where Can One Get Invisalign® Aligners?

Look no further than Navarro Dental Care. Invisalign®  treatment is a flawless treatment in which aligners are placed on your teeth to move them into a more aligned position. Make an appointment for an Invisalign expert to reclaim your stunning smile.

How Much Does an Invisalign® Specialist Charge?

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Meet Our Dental Invisalign® Expert

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Navarro Dental Care's Three-Step Invisalign® Treatment


Complimentary Invisalign® consultation

Schedule a complimentary consultation with a certified Invisalign® dentist to determine if you are a candidate for invisible braces.


Get customized orthodontic care with Invisalign®

3D imaging will show your progress during the various stages of Invisalign® treatment.


It's Time To Smile

Use your aligners as directed by the treatment plan you've been given. Don't forget to flaunt your smile!

Invisalign® Treatment At Navarro

Before and After Invisalign® Treatment

Get Invisalign® Treatment Starting At $159/Month

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Invisalign® Braces
Aligns your teeth
Easily removable devices
Eat as per your convenience
Encourages normal brushing and flossing to maintain periodontal health
Effectively treats multiple problems: spacing, crowding, overbite, crossbite, and underbite
Get the feel of virtually invisible teeth straightening
Can replace hard metal with plastic to avoid irritation in gums and cheeks
Timely visits: Once every 4 to 6 weeks

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How Does Invisalign® Treatment Work?

What Is the Estimated Cost of an Invisalign® Treatment?

How Long Does the Invisalign® Treatment Take?

How Much Does an Invisalign® Treatment with Insurance?

How Do You Clean Invisalign® Aligners?

How Does an Invisalign® Treatment Affect Your Life?

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