Extractions & Preservation in Corsicana, TX

At Navarro Dental Center, we focus on helping you preserve excellent oral health for a lifetime. With our professional services, including regular dental checkups, treating special oral conditions, as well as educating on oral hygiene, we strive to help you keep your teeth healthy for a lifetime.  

No matter how careful you are, sometimes dental extractions become necessary. A wisdom tooth, an extra tooth, overcrowding of teeth, extensive decay, cracks, and more, require extracting the tooth under professional care. 

Regardless of your dental issue, Navarro Dental Center makes your comfort a top priority. As a trusted dental extractions in Corsicana, TX, we aim to make your experience safe, painless and comfortable. Whether you have a severe tooth decay or you need a wisdom tooth removed, our skilled dental extractions experts go step by step to provide you with the best dental experience.

The specialists at Navarro Dental Center will begin by discussing your condition in depth. They will carefully examine your condition to determine the best solution for your oral health problem. This combination of expert skill set with latest dental technologies result in safe, minimally-invasive procedures at dental extractions near you.


Despite putting in every effort to maintain your oral health, tooth removal can be an unavoidable step to maintain good oral health. Your well-being is the topmost priority at our dental extractions in Corsicana, TX. We’ll closely work with you to devise a treatment plan that specifically caters to all your concerns. From finding a suitable solution for combating anxiety to helping you preserve your pretty smile with a tooth replacement, our friendly dentists will take care of every aspect related to your dental procedure.


To maintain your dental and overall health in long-term, minor oral surgical procedures are necessary in certain situations. Our dental extractions and preservation specialists can effectively treat issues related to your jaw bone, a damaged gum tissue or a tooth infected beyond repair. Our team will take all measures to enhance your safety and comfort. 


With a safe and effective root canal procedure, we treat a severely infected tooth in danger of extraction to help you keep it for long. At Navarro Dental Center, we believe in preserving natural teeth. Our dentists try everything in their stride to save your smile naturally. We take care of all your dental extractions as well as sooth your anxieties regarding the procedure. With modern technology, we perform extensive root canal procedures in a simple, safe and quick manner. 


Your teeth are supported by your jaw bone, which provides structural support and stability. Your jaw bone is important because it doesn’t regenerate when it’s lost or damaged. Since your teeth heavily rely on your jaw bone to function properly, it needs immediate medical care in case of damage. Our dental experts can help you with bone grafting, which is a special technique that helps repair any defect in the bone to preserve it.