Do you have an incorrigible habit of grinding your teeth? Do you frequently experience a sharp pain in your jaw joint? Navarro Dental Center, your reliable family dentistry, is here to help you with the best solution for all your dental care needs. 

Teeth grinding, jaw joint disorders, and clinically diagnosed sleep apnea are conditions that call for immediate medical help. These conditions are common among children as well as adults. If not treated in time, these conditions can lead to severe issues such as extreme tooth pain, tooth fracture, headaches, problems with chewing or speech, high blood pressure, irregular heart beats, heart ailments, and more. Since they negatively affect your daily life and pose serious risks to your well-being, they require immediate attention. 

Oral appliance therapy forms one of the most helpful components in treatments designed to alleviate these issues. At Navarro Dental Center, we understand that every individual is different and so are their oral conditions. Our skilled dentists will make sure you get the most suitable oral appliances solution for your condition. Regardless of the dental problem you’re facing, every appliance our experts prescribe to you will be custom-made to fulfil your distinctive needs. 

If your little one has a bad habit of grinding teeth or is diagnosed with a severe jaw joint disorder, our friendly dentists are available to fix the issue. Our children’s dentist in Corsicana, TX are well-trained to handle little patients and make them comfortable. Keeping their comfort on top of the list, we have toys and games to ease their tension. We also have different sedation options available specially for toddlers and our dentists will help determine if that is an option for your child. In any case, they will treat your child with care and leave them smiling with confidence. 

Your hunt for a good oral appliance dentist near you stops at Navarro Dental Center! Our warm and welcoming dental care center is committed to providing excellent service at your comfort.


Our dentists for oral appliance Corsicana, TX are concerned about your overall health. In case of sleep apnea, our team will put their heads together and devise a treatment plan that aligns with your goals and preferences. You will get a custom appliance that helps you sleep well at night.


This is a common habit that appears harmless, but it can cause wearing of the protective teeth enamel and weaken your teeth structure. Our friendly cosmetic dentist, Texas will examine your condition, bring back your smile and provide a custom-fit night guard to protect it.