Some Risks To Know Before Opting For Dental Implants

If you are missing a tooth or have lost a few teeth in an accident, we’re sure you already realize how the condition can make you feel less confident and incomplete. Besides, you might not be aware of the adverse effects it can have on your overall health. Missing teeth can create a variety of concerns, including shifting, damage to other teeth, and bone atrophy, all of which can affect your health. This is where dental implants enter as a beacon of hope for damaged or missing teeth

However, they come with some risks, just like any medical operation. In this blog, we aim to decrypt the advantages and disadvantages of dental implants in TX to assist you in choosing the best course of action. Let’s get started! 

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are small titanium screws inserted into the jaw and support a variety of dental prostheses. Due to their exceptional endurance and realistic look, implants have seen a growth of millions in profit in recent years. 

Potential Risks And Issues Concerning Dental Implants?

Similar to their incredible benefits, there are also some drawbacks to the dental implant process. Let’s look at some of these common issues, as explained by experts at the Navarro Family clinic

Failure Of The Implant To “Stick” To The Bone

Since the titanium posts for dental implants merge with the bone a few months after implantation, they are highly stable and perform like natural teeth. Failure of the implant and bone to fuse is the most frequent dental implant problem.

In such a case, your dentist can painlessly remove the implant. Then, to give your bones time to recover, they may be able to insert a replacement implant right away or wait a few months.


This condition raises the risk that dental implants will fail by potentially affecting the nearby bone and gum tissue. In addition, Peri-implantitis can eventually cause bone loss and implant loosening.

By giving up smoking, leading a healthy lifestyle, and practicing proper cleanliness, you can significantly lower your risk of getting peri-implantitis. However, dental implants TX can treat bone loss and either save or repair your implant if you encounter any dental implant issues from peri-implantitis.

Nerve Damage

There is a slight chance that dental implants might accidentally harm your nerves as they are surgically implanted into your jaw. As a result, your lips, teeth, gums, or chin may experience discomfort, numbness, or tingling due to these uncommon dental implant complications.

A top dental clinic like the Navarro Family Clinic can accurately decide the size of the implant to use by carefully examining the precise position of your nerves. That enables them to efficiently avoid running into the nerve and remove the possibility that your dental implant failure would endanger it.

Gum Disease

You have a greater chance of experiencing dental implant treatment difficulties if you have gum disease before your operation. In addition, the possibility that your therapy will be successful will be significantly impacted by bone deterioration, which can result from periodontitis, an advanced type of gum disease.

The bacteria damage bones, eat away at gums, and destroy tendons and ligaments on tooth roots. Navarro Family Clinic will always treat gum disease before starting your dental implant therapy to prevent it from affecting your final results.

Other Potential Health Hazards Of Dental Implants

Dental implants are not suitable for everyone while being the most natural-looking and durable tooth replacement option. Your dentist will explain them to you, provide information on any risks associated with dental implants, and address any other concerns you may have. 

A high level of general health is necessary for successful tooth replacement surgery. Patients with diabetes or a smoking history are more at risk for therapeutic failure with dental implants.

Bad Dental Implants Placement

Dental implants TX require a complex “fitting” operation. A dentist must evaluate and choose the ideal spot before carefully inserting the implant. In addition, the surgery might be challenging when the appropriate location for the implant on the gum is not always available. As a result, the artificial tooth becomes misaligned. 


Every dental operation has one or two side effects, although the majority are minor and vanish nearly instantly. Therefore, it should not be surprising that swelling, soreness, and bruising will be a part of your recovery from dental implants, as they require a thorough operation. Your dentist will often recommend an antibiotic or pain reliever if you encounter any of these things to any degree.

However, many additional issues may be avoided or averted. Finding a reputable dentist who takes measures is the first step. The second phase examines the tests, x-rays, and queries before the procedure. Finally, do your part to reduce your dental work’s risks and negative impacts by providing your entire medical history, including all of your medicines.

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