Should You Opt For Permanent Dental Dentures?

Do you have loose-fitting removable dentures in your mouth? If yes, you must’ve thought of attaching them permanently! 

Interestingly, getting permanent dentures is possible. Today, getting dentures from Navarro Dental is one of the most affordable options for restoring lost teeth. However, these removable dentures can start to shift and loosen over time if they are not adequately glued in. 

That can be uncomfortable and affect how you speak or eat. Besides, prolonged use of detachable dentures might cause jaw bone loss. Dealing with messy and sticky denture solutions is yet another issue.

Below, we explore the different aspects of using permanent dentures to help you understand if opting for a permanent denture would be a good fit or not. Let’s get started!

What Are Permanent Dentures?

Permanent Texas dentures mimic the appearance and feel of natural teeth. They cannot be lost, and there is no chance of their shifting or dropping out. Acrylic, nylon, porcelain, resin, and metal are just a few dental materials used to make dentures.

There are also implants for partial permanent dentures. So no matter how many or how few teeth are lost, they may be put where you need them.

Compared to conventional dentures, permanent dentures are often fixed by two or more dental implants placed surgically. This makes them more stable and enables the patient to speak and smile more easily than temporary dentures. 

Once the dental implants have bonded to the bone, a dental denture is attached to them, providing a more long-lasting remedy for lost teeth.

Advantages Of Permanent Dentures

Most people feel that permanent dentures are more convenient and pleasant than detachable ones. They don’t interfere with eating and won’t get shaky over time. You don’t need to worry or feel self-conscious about your artificial teeth moving while you talk or smile. The teeth need not be taken out for cleaning, which is another advantage.

A highly skilled dentist must perform the surgery to acquire permanent dentures. Surgical procedures should be done very accurately, and prior experience is essential. 4 to 6 implants must be placed to handle the new permanent dentures. Following the procedure, you will be given antibiotics and maybe a steroid to lessen bruising and swelling. Usually, the procedure involves sedating the patient.

Removable dentures can occasionally lead to subtle changes in your facial structure. For example, your jawbone can slowly shrink after removing your natural teeth. However, because permanent dentures use implants to maintain your jaw bone, your face will keep looking young. 

Disadvantages Of Permanent Dentures

The surgery is the main disadvantage of receiving permanent dentures. Dental implant surgery is relatively safe, yet it is still surgery. In addition, any oral surgery has the potential to be painful and uncomfortable during healing. 

The danger of infection or inflammation could also occur, so patients must be cautious while looking for their permanent implant dentures and contact Navarro Dental frequently.

Permanent dentures are more expensive than regular dentures due to the necessity of surgery, implants, and correct prosthetics created by your dental laboratory. Since less expensive solutions are available, such as detachable dentures, some people are hesitant to invest the money in permanent dentures. 

However, Texas dentures are cost-effective long-term because they can last a lifetime with proper maintenance. 

Should You Get Permanent Dentures?

Permanent dentures are a good solution for restoring lost teeth. Because the jawbone and tissue of the natural gingiva can be preserved while also filling in tooth root gaps and recreating the natural look of the teeth.

Permanent dentures are necessary to enhance the beauty of your smile and the overall look of your face. In addition, permanent dentures don’t have any issues with traditional replacement prostheses, which might shift around, prevent you from eating certain foods, and must be changed periodically.

The Bottom Line

There is no doubt that permanent dentures are the ideal replacement for lost teeth. In 2020, the market for dentures was estimated to be worth USD 1.2 billion. However, they occasionally require replacement and dental care. For a more satisfying result, share your preferences with your dentist.

We urge you to call Texas dentures immediately if you are considering whether permanently connected dentures might be a suitable fit for you and need a little more information to make that decision. Your dental health must be in top condition to have a complete set of teeth in your mouth.

Trust The Experts At Restoring Your Smile!

Opting for a permanent denture is helpful, but we can’t overlook how intimidating the process sounds. At Navarro Dental, we bring you professionals who’re experts at making the most of your smile. So wait no more; visit us today or call us at 903-872-1661.