When Is It Okay To Have A Root Canal Done By A General Dentist?

You must seek treatment as soon as possible if you’ve been told that your root canal system is contaminated. However, you must first choose between visiting a dentist and an endodontist for a root canal.

The affected tooth type and its roots’ structure can be crucial considerations, though you should always see your dentist in Navarro before making any decisions. But first, let’s speak about how endodontists and dentists differ.

Endodontists are professionals since they have undergone additional training beyond dental school for two or more years, much like a surgeon in any other specialty.

Their further education focuses on detecting tooth discomfort, doing tooth canals, and performing other procedures involving the inside of the tooth.

Endodontic therapy frequently enables the survival of a sick tooth. Because of this, endodontists are happy to identify themselves as Experts in Preserving Teeth.

Why Do You Need A Root Canal?

It is technically a component of your tooth, even though the root canal technique is more well-known. A root canal is carried out on a tooth to treat or replace any infected pulp or nerves.

Root canal therapy may be the only way to save a tooth when it is severely damaged or decaying. However, if you wait too long, you can lose the tooth and have a prosthetic implant, even though a tooth canal is sometimes the only choice to save a tooth.

A tooth canal usually causes little to no pain, which is unquestionably less painful than a decaying tooth.

When Is A Root Canal Necessary?

It is performed when the pulp (the delicate interior of a tooth) is inflamed, injured, or infectious.

The tooth’s crown, which is the part that is visible just above the gums, can still be intact even if the pulp is dead. Removing the injured or infected pulp is the best method to safeguard the tooth’s structural integrity.

The most common symptoms of pulp injury are tooth pain, swelling, and a warm sensation in the gums. Your dentist Navarro will examine the cause behind the aching tooth and will take a few X-rays to confirm the diagnosis. Your dentist might suggest an orthodontist if they conclude that you need braces.

Benefits Provided By General Dentists

The advantages of hiring a root canal endodontist to complete your work that was described above will only sometimes be significant.

That’s because only some root canal operations are complex. Additionally, there are some benefits to having your dentist do root canal work if they are more than capable.

Lower Costs

The cost of using a specialist’s services is typically higher. As a rule of thumb, an endodontist’s fee for an identical procedure is anticipated to be greater than your ordinary dentist’s bill.

A Setting That Is Comfortable For You

The benefit of having your regular dentist do the work is that it will be done in a setting and by someone you are already comfortable with.

Additionally, your root canal dentist’s office might be more understanding with scheduling, billing, and insurance concerns than an endodontist’s office might be because they already know you and your needs.


Just locating an endodontist may be challenging in some regions of the country. It can be necessary to travel to one from a nearby city. Or, if one does come, it might only do so occasionally.


Sometimes it is advantageous to have just one individual handle the many operations on your tooth canals. Since every person is unique, so are their dental needs. When consulting different dentists for root canal treatment, you’re at risk of undergoing different procedures every time. This way, you might ultimately risk your dental health.


Many people find root canal therapy frightening, whether it’s the prospect of discomfort or the process itself. When undergoing a root canal, it can be helpful to know whether or not one can attend their regular general dentist.

Most general dentists are well competent in doing these kinds of operations, including root canal therapy. However, they undergo significant dental training before being qualified to handle root canals.

However, some dental practices may lack the tools to perform It. The regular dentist in this situation would refer the patient to an endodontist dental expert who could carry out the therapy. All the best!

Consult The Experts Of Root Canal Treatment

When done by amateurs, It can be a painful experience. However, with professionals like the Navarro Dental Clinic close to your vicinity, you needn’t worry about anything. With years of experience, our professionals will help you undergo the process smoothly and effortlessly. Come, walk into our clinic or call us today at 903-872-1661.